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Welcome in the Bar Bar "Boulevard"

The "Boulevard" bar is the perfect place for a cappuccino or latte macchiato during the day and the location for a cozy beer or a delicious cocktail in the evening.

A must for anyone visiting the region for the first time: try a freshly tapped Alt. This regional specialty has often been the basis for happy and beautiful evenings. The name comes from the fact that the top-fermented beer is brewed according to the “old” tradition, in which the fermentation process takes place at a higher temperature. The invention of the modern refrigeration machine made it easier to produce bottom-fermented beers (pilsners), which were called the "new" beer. The dark color comes from a higher proportion of kiln malt, which gets its color through roasting.

If you prefer to drink something different, you might choose Cosmopolitain, Pina Colada or Zombie. Or could it be a “Classic Malt Whiskey” from Scotland?

Dear guests,
For the  European Championship 2024
, you can watch all the football games comfortably in our bar. Maybe you can enjoy a freshly tapped beer or a delicious cocktail.

The Bar is every day open until one o'clock at night in relexa hotel Duesseldorf-Ratingen.

We are looking forward to your visit!
Your relexa team