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lou green (16.05.2023)
A bad rating for a conference hotel that cannot provide a functioning WLAN within 72 hours. Misleading excuses that the router blew up and no one bothered to find a working replacement. In a conference hotel that was booked for exactly this purpose, this is an absurdity. Arrived on Thursday, you still have time to restore everything on Friday. But apparently there is no interest on the part of the hotel management. never again
Wir sinds nur (12.05.2023)
As always when we fly, we use the sleep park and fly service...😃
Big O (12.05.2023)
The house is already past its best. Everything looks a bit worn.
Michael (06.05.2023)
Park Sleep & Fly very good.
Johannes Woike (03.05.2023)
I stayed for a week for a training course at the Relexa conference hotel. The stay was very pleasant due to the adequate room, the food (accommodating requests) and the attentive staff in the bar in the evening. The fitness area is small but fully functional. There are enough parking spaces.
Uwe Gutsche (02.05.2023)
The hotel is regularly booked by us in connection with a holiday trip. It's always nice to be close to the airport when the flight departs early. Despite pre-booking a "Parc,Sleep,Fly" arrangement, this time there was a delay in opening / driving into the underground car park. The food and drinks were again very good, as was the service. Good shuttle service, but the taxi driver on the return transfer from the airport to the hotel was the rudest who has ever transported me. (4/29/23)! But we will book an arrangement (PSF) again.
Bilal Filikci (30.04.2023)
Everything great!!! Very satisfied!! The employees were particularly nice. Thanks very much!
Bogdan Danila (28.04.2023)
Good services !
Tote Oma (22.04.2023)
The hotel is completely stuck in the 90s. Sloppy staff, worn-out furnishings, the buffet is more like a canteen and WiFi is not available at all, even though the hotel wants to be a conference hotel.
russell maguire (20.04.2023)
Rooms are a little tired and they still use keys for the doors!! However, what makes this a great stay is the great staff are the food is incredible, especially the bar meals in the evening with a beer and perfect ambience. That alone is worthy of 5 stars!!!
Christiane Ried (16.04.2023)
An ideal hotel near the airport, shuttle included, very attentive and helpful staff... the Park, Sleep & Fly offer is only recommended
Paul Mueller (16.04.2023)
Good business hotel in good proximity to the airport.
Holger Kaiser (12.04.2023)
The front desk was very bad and rude, the rooms were functionally furnished at most, everything was very old and simple, the early bird breakfast was nothing!!!! I had a dent in the car after a 15-day stay in the underground car park, this was ironed out by management in such a way that they were happy to help me with the criminal complaint, but otherwise they couldn't do anything for me, that's what I call customer service!!!
Jana Schwarz (11.04.2023)
Service unfortunately very slow and unmotivated. Long process at check in. Delayed temperature settings in shower area. Otherwise the hotel makes a positive impression in terms of ambience.
Yanina Turovska (08.04.2023)
Everything is perfect, except for the moment that the room was cool and hot water did not pour out of the shower, barely warm. The room and the hotel are amazing!
Baki Sahin (04.04.2023)
very friendly staff
Thomas Grunwald (03.04.2023)
The rooms are clean and the beds are OK. The staff friendly and helpful Breakfast is OK, dinner and bar very good The fitness room is also OK and the sauna looked decent, unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy it...
Benedikt Gertz (01.04.2023)
We had a large and clean room. There was nothing to complain about. Gladly again... especially since we were able to park our car in the underground car park for the whole holiday.
Wheely Germany (15.03.2023)
The staff is at least friendly, but the rooms... Bathroom: shower gel only for one wash, no nail file, lukewarm water although warm fully turned on Room: a small pillow which, despite being folded, does not support the head, the TV channel list is not up-to-date (saved channels that have not been available for a long time), the minibar is completely empty... Breakfast: The selection is okay, but it could be much better... Scrambled eggs are made from egg powder... In short, the room radiates zero comfort and does not invite you to stay longer 🙁
B L (07.03.2023)
We regularly use this hotel when we go on vacation. The park, sleep and fly service is important to us. Everything works very well here. Our car has always been assigned a parking space in the underground car park. The drop off and pick up at the airport also worked very well. The only drawback, the early riser breakfast is not really what the food.
Beate Kohrs (06.03.2023)
A really excellent service, both at the reception and in the restaurant. The employees are extremely friendly and accommodating. We are in the restaurant right now. The food is very good and we feel very comfortable. The service is outside the norm- up. Thank you and we recommend.
Mirko Kreiß (03.03.2023)
The hotel is a bit old, but still in good condition. The staff at the bar and reception very nice and accommodating. The rooms are good and big enough and ideal for a business trip.
Hermien Jalink (29.01.2023)
Great airport hotel, with parking in the garage 😀. Excellent transport to and from the Airport 👍👍
Ianis Gaie (23.01.2023)
It is reasonable, not so full, but delicious spa and fitness
Ulla Hermesdorf (23.01.2023)
We booked there before and after our flight vacation, including underground parking. The service was really friendly and helpful. We will gladly use the offer: park, sleep and fly again.
M G (16.01.2023)
Again any time
Thomas Mueller (30.12.2022)
room normal; staff very friendly; Location: Top
carsten böhme (29.12.2022)
The hotel was an absolute disappointment for me as a fitter, the incredibly poor service from the lady at the counter unfortunately overshadowed the entire visit, incompetent and absolutely unfriendly. We were allowed to start at 6 a.m. for breakfast, although there is only breakfast from 6:30 a.m., were then allowed in exactly to the second and had to wait in front. How can you not know your own restaurant hours?! I left the day before, but still paid for the entire stay, then I was dealt with the bill as quickly as possible, because apparently you don't feel like your job. The receipt was just thrown at me. It was obvious that I must have been there on business in full gear, but the Rg was simply issued privately without asking first. When asked to address this to the company, I was told that they would do it later and that I should leave my data there... it was 7 in the morning and we were alone... you didn't feel welcome at all and valued as a customer. Our company will avoid the chain from now on. Very unfortunate ☹️
Gabi Go (21.12.2022)
A decent hotel, room size and facilities are ok for the price. At least you got a double room for single use as a single traveller. The pillows were lumpy and probably feathered. Perhaps one should have asked for others. The breakfast was prepared appetizing and tasty. Bar, lobby and restaurant are all in one. We didn't find that so successful in the evening for dinner. There was a lot of through traffic and the cold came through the front doors. The dishes that we ordered à la carte in the group came quickly and were extremely delicious. For that it would be five stars. The location: it takes about 15 minutes by taxi to the old town, price: around 35 euros. Those arriving by car will find a parking space in the underground car park.
Dirk Reiners (07.12.2022)
Delicious food in the restaurant. Good value for money because of the quality.
Jonasz R (01.12.2022)
our room was larger than expected and very clean
Christian Mies (28.11.2022)
The hotel can be reached quickly from the airport by taxi or bus. The room service can be expanded and the equipment in the room can only be partially used. At breakfast should m.E.n. In a 4 star hotel the choice will be larger. At the very least, warm food should be warm at breakfast. The fitness area is fully featured in the hotel's pictures and the equipment is working. I've had better hotels in the relaxa chain.
Ferruccio Galeso (15.11.2022)
Convenient hotel to reach the fair and the airport, quiet, away from traffic. It is advisable to have a car available
alexandru neacsu (13.11.2022)
very nice
Janine Golling (13.11.2022)
Price performance top
Stefan Wimmers (06.11.2022)
The hotel is easily accessible and has plenty of parking spaces The reception is neutral The ground floor is large There you will find the reception, bar and restaurant as well as conference rooms Two elevators lead to the upper floors where the rooms are located My room was visually ok, but had a problem with the smell of a drain
A. D. (05.11.2022)
Hands off! First room smoky, second not cleaned, no beauty in the rooms, cold and impersonal. Unfriendly reception. When asked about better categories, the statement came that these were fully booked. All the better categories were still bookable on the hotel's website; also on booking. Bad staff which is not capable of criticism.
Kevin M (02.11.2022)
Everything was very clean, very friendly and attentive staff. Varied and high-quality cuisine 👌🏻 Price performance is right! ✔️
Christian Rettig (01.11.2022)
Good value for money
Hardi Teichmann (28.10.2022)
Cannot agree with the negative impressions of some reviewers. Our flight is scheduled for a Friday morning. We arrived on a Thursday evening. Our room was not quite ready, although it was a bit later, we still lacked towels, which were spontaneously supplemented by the male housekeeper, who we met later at the bar. Room so far ok.. After a short "freshening" and putting your suitcase down, down to the small restaurant. Because there was no semi-dry wine on the menu, we were offered a dry, mild Chardonnay. This recommendation was excellent. Despite a sensitive stomach, great and no problems at all. Now to the food on offer. From the extensive dishes presented with recommendations, we each chose a bruchetta as a starter. But beforehand we received a greeting from the kitchen -amuse guelle-, with pickled pepperoni, cream of tuna (very delicate) and sheep's cheese/feta cheese in oil and of course some baguette variations. After a short time, our appetizer was served. Slices of bruschetta toast decorated with rocket and sprouts. So an excellent access to the main menu. Our chosen main menu was a Thai chicken with various vegetables and bamboo shoots, some ginger and curry, with jasmine rice. Simply delicious, and rich enough after the greeting from the kitchen and the starter. Recommended again and again. We were very satisfied that evening, also with the nice service staff at the buffet. Recommendation very good, service courteous and attentive. All dishes are "timed" very well. Thank you, see you next time. The crowning glory was the "Killepitsch". A well-chilled Düsseldorf herbal schnapps. Another tasty ending. Completely satisfied! 😀
Jean Siebelt (27.10.2022)
Sorry, not recommended
Berndt Blume (26.10.2022)
You have to take advantage of offers
lasse hamburg (26.10.2022)
Clean comfortable hotel near the airport, only stayed for the night before traveling on. Friendly and helpful staff and clean, spacious rooms.
marian root (24.10.2022)
Receptionist a bit unfriendly. Fortunately, the service in the restaurant more than made up for it. Good food.
Hanan C. (H.C.) (16.10.2022)
Room completely ok. Were cleaned daily. Food and service were good too. The area around it is a bit uncomfortable and there is not much to see but it is completely sufficient.
Markus G (15.10.2022)
The hotel is very old. The corridors were very dark and it smelled partly unpleasant. The rooms were clean but needs some improvement. Especially the toilet lids which were full of urine spatter. Service area seemed overwhelmed with everything. For one night you can recommend the hotel. There is nothing nearby except the airport.
Niklas Hellmann (10.10.2022)
The hotel was very good for the price, ok compared to other hotels in general. The rooms are clean and you actually have everything there that you need. The staff are also friendly and the service is also good. The only negative point is that on the weekends you can't get anything to drink at the bar very early, you have to buy something in bottles at reception, but you can then sit down with it in the bar area.
Holger Reiss (29.09.2022)
Nice hotel, near the airport, nice conference rooms
Friedhelm Wilmsen (20.09.2022)
Good as always
Durjay Singh (17.09.2022)
Budget hotel for short stay, receptionist English was not upto the mark, she was not able to explain about nearby areas
tibor nagy (17.09.2022)
Cool down after flight cancelled - helped a lot the atmosphere, beer, dinner.
Michael (14.09.2022)
Duarte Ramos (10.09.2022)
Hotel and breakfast was ok
Таня Стоянова Осман (06.09.2022)
Nice hotel, next to the airport, easy parking, good breakfast, first class staff.
Matthias von Bredow (19.08.2022)
It was a quick decision to book the hotel right before leaving for Egypt. It was worth it. The rooms are great, the team at the hotel, to put it bluntly, first class. The shuttle vehicle was at the hotel on time and dropped us off at the most strategic location. We'll be back at the hotel on our next holiday departing from Düsseldorf.
Ivonne Stevie (19.08.2022)
Hotel, parking, shuttle to the airport and back. Super. Everything worked. Great breakfast and room. Keep it up. Greetings from the Böhme family
ilias (17.08.2022)
They can be happy that there are no 0 stars. Rooms are not air-conditioned and the heat builds up, me and my family didn't turn a blind eye. Also, there is no water in the room. In hindsight, I would have preferred to have stayed in my car. Also, the staff stunk
Thorsten Richter (11.08.2022)
Nice rooms, nice service, but relatively noisy due to the proximity to the airport and the freeway
Street Scholar (10.08.2022)
Can't thank these guys enough right from the start the staff were exceptionally friendly and went out of their way to be helpful and courteous, they also serve a very good breakfast selection. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and I would highly recommend this hotel, the location is pretty good too, there's shops and amenities down the road.
Musicbook Official (07.08.2022)
Nice place.
xXSharlinXx (22.07.2022)
We arrived spontaneously and had to pay a very good price, super nice service at the counter and reception. Direct room exchange in the event of a complaint, free parking.
Thomas Neuhausen (20.07.2022)
Friendly staff
Robert Garrett (19.07.2022)
Great focal point for our meetings
Iting Lin (10.07.2022)
The room is standard clean, but the tub drainage is rusty, which I had a problem with. Maybe this is an aged hotel, and overall is a fine stay. This hotel is quite near the airport but excellent location between duisburg and dusseldorf. If you cannot stand some planes flying over at night or early morning then this is not a stay for you
Dennis Beckmann (09.07.2022)
Right on the highway, huge, modern rooms, luxury bathroom
Benjamin Lang (06.07.2022)
Well, dated hotel under renovation. Rooms are big and clean. Staff very friendly, but also understaffed (thanks to Corona). Fitness, outdated, clean is different, no towels, water in reservoir permanently empty, dead mosquitoes in the toilet, sauna out of order due to renovation. Breakfast, scrambled eggs were definitely made of powder, otherwise standard nothing special. Bar and restaurant understaffed, long waits.
Josephine van Vliet (05.07.2022)
Service is a foreign word for this hotel. Request started after a week still had no reaction, then called and then got an answer. Please call back in 10 minutes reception
Lutz LF Service (28.06.2022)
Very nice staff
Brigitte Bergermann (26.06.2022)
Used as part of Park/Sleep/Fly, all well organized, nothing to complain about. Gastro however not used.
Michael Blümel (22.06.2022)
Overall, the stay wasn't bad, but it's not enough for a very good! Our rooms were very spacious, the beds are perfect, but the pillows are a mess, after a while there is no more filling where you lie. There is better... The cleanliness is flawless, nothing to complain about, I have to say! There would be 5 stars for that! The breakfast staff seemed a bit overwhelmed although not everything was occupied. A lot was only refilled on request and then only occasionally. The tables had not yet been cleared or cleaned, and we were only reluctantly given a separate area with clean tables, although this would certainly have brought a lot of relaxation for guests and staff alike. Kudos to the chef, who from time to time looked after everything at the buffet! The selection itself is rich and everything you need! There is therefore still room for improvement and this rating should be understood as constructive criticism.
Oliver Janssen (22.06.2022)
Very nice cute hotel right on the beach.
Olaf Meinert (22.06.2022)
Hotel car park and underground car park were completely occupied. You had to park on the street. It was about 200 meters to walk.
Simone S. (18.06.2022)
Nice room and great service. The breakfast team in particular was very helpful and dedicated.
Anita Van Hauten (15.06.2022)
It is a very nice hotel, close to Dusseldorf airport and very nice staff very friendly and attentive...
Irene Mo (14.06.2022)
it's good if you need only bad&shower, No minibar
Jürgen Blanke (11.06.2022)
Very nice hotel and very friendly and helpful staff. We recommend
A. Schugt (11.06.2022)
Was definitely once a 4 star hotel, but those days are probably over. We had booked sleep and fly and that was the only one. which worked fine. was the transfer to the airport. The beds were worn out, the minibar (was included) didn't work and wasn't filled. You had to pick up the drinks at the reception. The bar, just like them Affiliated brasserie had closed. As an alternative, we were given a brochure from a delivery service and we received cutlery from the hotel in the form of shrink-wrapped plastic cutlery. In the underground car park you have to be careful not to demolish the tailgate of larger vehicles, as the low ceiling is again hung with metal rails. Conclusion: once and never again!
Matthias Hornung (19.05.2022)
Sure, excessive trade fair prices at ProWein. The room was not cleaned once out of three nights. Uncomfortable reception and bar area. Somehow very cold-acting and loveless. One waiter was great though! Breakfast seems somehow in the 90s style. A lot of things have gotten very old. Toilet seat and lid very dirty. A lot of things (including yellowing) can probably no longer be removed. This toilet set should be renewed urgently.
Chris Park (13.05.2022)
Lobby is full of loud music at night time. Room was clean but nothing in mini bar so you need to visit front desk to buy even water. Staffs are friendly.
Marja Stinenbosch (02.05.2022)
Ideal to use before and after the holidays. The car is safe in the parking garage and we were taken to Düsseldorf airport by shuttle taxi and picked up after a call. The breakfast was TOP.
Living Abroad (01.05.2022)
We stayed here before flying on our holiday. Accordingly, we had not expected luxury and were pleasantly surprised by the price-performance ratio. The room had small flaws that can be overlooked. The staff was friendly and there was ample free parking.
Thomas R (01.05.2022)
Very nice and helpful staff. If we fly from Dusseldorf again, we will definitely stay here again.
Nigel Carling (01.05.2022)
For what we needed was really good. Fast and smooth transport to the airport 👍✈️
Stefan Klein-Backes (25.04.2022)
If you have an early departure from Dusseldorf, this hotel is a great place to stay overnight. Easily accessible from the motorway. Taxi service from the hotel to the airport and back is included in the room price. The private car is parked in the locked underground car park for the duration of the trip. Very friendly staff at reception and on the phone. Room great. Absolute recommendation
jan van der Kolk (22.04.2022)
excellent treatment by the staff, with your permission I name them: SR Schröder and Mrs Leethaus. Great deal. Despite the fact that for reasons beyond our control the restaurant and the bar were not open, (Easter weekend 2022 on 04/18/2022) they tried to satisfy everything they could.
Andrea Clever-Breuer (21.04.2022)
Man was the old man hot Only I was even hotter than a volcano (*Vesuvius*?)...ahhhhhjaaaahaaahaaaaa you are soooo hotsssss like a volcano.... Ahhhhhhjaaaaajaaaaaahaaasayuxuyra7g9hu 6..A...c fffix4bb8 @ 90 C.... 23 cmmmmmmmfhddo8hjjohhhhhh wait... And at some point ^I burn myself out of it....so I'm a survivor with fire... No praise now ! Nobody does Nobody ... well ... the main thing is still there in the bra ... ehmmmmm
Mia Wezel (20.04.2022)
Ideal for park, sleep & fly. Room was clean, big and staff very friendly. Shower works well, clean towels and nice bed. A soap and shampoo provided. There is a bar to have another drink. In the morning you can get coffee and tea with a croissant (if breakfast is not yet open). Have been neatly taken to the airport. Book in time during holidays, because they are so fully booked! Then you can't park in the parking garage, I understand.
Stefan Bunkenburg (03.04.2022)
We booked the park and fly service. 1 night and 5 days parking with one breakfast included. €139. There was a packaged croissant and coffee for breakfast for everyone. Pathetic for the money. Not even water or juice. Taxi to the airport worked well. On the return flight, however, you were not picked up from the arrival terminal, but had to traipse through the airport to the departure hall. This is poorly described and cumbersome
Gregor Panstruga (29.03.2022)
I was only there for a seminar. The seminar rooms were good, but the lunch was not worthy of a 4-star hotel.
Kate Kate (25.03.2022)
I was here for a two day seminar booked by my employer. My room was clean and some parking spaces are free. Unfortunately, I can't say anything positive about the stay. For lunch there was 1x ravioli drowned in sage butter for the vegetarians and on day 2 pasta with pesto. Although a water package was booked, everyone only got one bottle of water. Even on request no drinks were refilled. Despite pre-ordering, we had to wait over an hour for dinner and the breakfast buffet was a very slimmed-down form of buffet, which I have never experienced in this way in a 4-star hotel. But the crowning glory was that the cleaning staff were already busy with the final cleaning before you could check out. The whole thing was rounded off by a trainee at reception who was left completely alone and understandably completely overwhelmed. In this sense, I'm "looking forward" to the next time. I would never come here privately.
Ti Fi (24.03.2022)
Excellent service, free parking etc. I work in the hotel and am completely satisfied. A very clean and modern hotel (both rooms and lobby) The food in the restaurant is excellent (I can recommend the truffle spaghetti ;) ) The room is clean and modernly furnished. The service at breakfast is also excellent. Satisfaction is very important here. Great business hotel.